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Versatile Horsemanship

In & Out of the Arena

Versatile Horsemanship

In & Out of the Arena

At Chambers Ranch Horsemanship we are a family of Multi-World Champion horsemen and women dedicated to helping horses and riders achieve their goals and have fun! Whether you’re just starting out or want to step up into the arena of performance skills, our versatile horsemanship approach ensures that every horse and rider are equipped with the understanding, skills and confidence to excel together in their chosen discipline.

What Others Have To Say

"I can’t overstate how impressed I have been with Chambers Horsemanship.  They are the consummate professionals and every step of the process has been rewarding for both me and my horse.  They have outstanding facilities.  I know what it’s like to try to train in southern Ohio during the winter and spring.  Chambers has a facility that allows them to work horses every day regardless of the weather.  Dawn has a personality that horses want to trust.  That was the first step in getting my mare over her anxiety and it came almost immediately.  I highly recommend Chambers Horsemanship.  They are a family operation and I couldn’t be happier with the entire experience.  I didn’t think Dawn would be able to check off all of the boxes on my wish list for me in only two (winter) months but she did.  My horse has the same body but a different brain thanks to Dawn and Chambers Horsemanship."

- Brock Brewster

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Our Versatile Horsemanship approach creates well rounded safe horses that are ready to hit the trails, and have some fun with! 

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